PEL CAPRE Pressure Relief Calculations ... and more

CAPRE is an easy-to-use, efficient and reliable tool for carrying out process engineering calculations in your spreadsheets.

Calculations are an essential part of a process engineer's job. Errors in calculations can waste time, cost money, and risk lives.

PEL CAPRE improves the accuracy of engineering calculations in two ways:

  • CAPRE has over 25 pro forma spreadsheets for common engineering problems, such as fluid flow, equipment sizing and pressure relief.
  • CAPRE provides more than 200 functions to use engineering equations in your own Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

You can have complete confidence in the results. All the spreadsheets and equations are validated, and help files and full documentation make it easy for you to understand and use them.

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  • Allows consistent and reproducible results
  • Provides a documented record of calculations for audit
  • Allows engineers to be more efficient and productive. With fewer manual calculations to do, tasks are carried out quicker
  • Improves QA and standardises procedures through everyone using same set of data and calculations
  • Human errors in calculations are reduced - essential when working with safety critical equipment


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Key Features

  • Easy to use, ready-made calculation sheets for pressure-relief, fluid flow and vessel calibration
  • Excel functions for many process engineering equations to use in your own spreadsheets
  • Built-in units conversion
  • Thorough help documentation describes the use of functions and the basis of calculations
  • “Insert Function” tool to help add individual CAPRE functions to your own spreadsheets
  • Search for specific functions and make ‘favourite’ the most commonly used for easy access
  • Change and create sets of units to be saved and used as default
  • Includes standard PEL Tools, such as Pipe inner diameter, Pipe roughness, K-Value and Molecular weight, to insert values directly into spreadsheets


CAPRE can be downloaded here.

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