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PEL is a simple but powerful document management system with process datasheets at its heart. Installed locally or accessed on the web, your data is available when you want it wherever you are.

The proper management of process engineering data is vital. QA processes for checking and approving ensure that datasheets, calculations, reports, sketches, and other design documents are correct. Revision control for modifications and updates ensure that the most up-to-date versions are used. Information on a datasheet must be linked to the calculations and data it is based upon.
PEL is a well-established solution for managing this.

What does offer? is a database management system that makes datasheet production fast, simple and productive. Users have access to over one hundred predesigned datasheets or can use their own, and the program ensures that process engineering data is accessible and controlled at all times.
In order to ensure that everyone is working from the same, up-to-date revision, manages revision control and enforces checking and approving. In addition to datasheets, the latest version introduces support for calculations and other document types and allows links to be created between them. Users can quickly jump from a sketch to a datasheet and then to the calculation it is based on.

The online version, means that all this data can be accessed over the internet, wherever users are in the world, via a normal web browser. desktop edition provides the same functionality but allows you to keep your data on your own PC or network.


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Key features

  • All versions

    • Heads-up display of your actions - what’s waiting for you to check and approve, what’s been rejected, and a list of the last 5 datasheets you’ve been working on
    • Full audit trail of what has been changed and why for every data item
    • Visual distinction between issued and revised data
    • Easy navigation between datasheets, calculations, sketches and other linked documents

    • Nothing to download or install
    • Access your data 24/7 through your web browser
    • Create / edit / check / approve datasheets online - any time, any place, anywhere
    • Always run the latest, up-to-date release - no upgrades to install
  • desktop edition

    • All of your data can be stored on your PC or shared with your colleagues on a network

Resources is available to all PEL licencees. Please contact us if you are interested in using ProvueDB.Net or already use ProvueDB desktop and would like to move to the web version.

60 Second Guide to

60 Second Guide to Equip Lists

User Guide to desktop edition desktop edition can be downloaded here.

60 Second Guide to

60 Second Guide to Equip Lists

User Guide to desktop edition

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