Fault & Event Trees


A new version of Logidraw has been released. VisualLogidraw allows Fault Trees to be created in Visio. Click here

PEL Logidraw - for Fault and Event Tree diagrams



Fault trees are an ideal way to represent the results of hazard analyses and Logidraw provides the perfect tool for minimising the effort in drawing such diagrams.

Logidraw allows hazard analysts and process engineers to exchange analyses more quickly and efficiently.

Benefits include:

  • A common fault tree that maximises the involvement of others & helps develop a correct hazard analysis.
  • Saves time by eliminating tedious manual drawing and redrawing of fault trees as they are developed and modified.
  • Hazard analysis is always logically valid because Logidraw allows only logically feasible combinations of events


Logidraw can be downloaded as part of the PEL suite available here.

60 Second Guide to Logidraw - Event Trees

60 Second Guide to Logidraw - Fault Trees

User Guide to Logidraw

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