New Adrian, Piper, Flonet


ABB announces the release of PEL's new Fluid Flow Framework with an updated, new look interface for Adrian, Piper and Flonet.

The PEL Suite's fluid flow programs, Flonet, for incompressible network flow; Adrian, for compressible network flow; and Piper, for two-phase fluid flow, have all received a major facelift with the release of the new standardised Framework.

This framework provides a drawing surface and tools palette familiar from VisualFlonet, VisualAdrian and VisualPiper without the need to obtain any additional software.

In addition, the framework now provides the three fluid flow packages with:

  • Simple drag and drop tool for drawing the model
  • Automatic connection of vessels and fittings
  • Automatic pipe size correction when diameters are changed
  • Table view of the system to allow quick modifications to multiple items
  • Simple tools for internal pipe diameters and pipe roughness
  • A fully customisable Workspace with dockable windows to display the information you want the way you want it
  • The ability to highlight Calculated results and input data on the drawing
  • The ability to copy and paste result tables into other applications such as MS Excel
  • The ability to present calculated results in a customisable table of results and export to MS Office


PEL Adrian Flyer download here

PEL Piper Flyer download here

PEL Flonet Flyer download here

As of PEL 22, these new fluid flow programs are included in the standard PEL installation.

However, if you are using an older version of PEL you can still install the Fluid Flow Framework by downloading it from here


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