New Update for Adrian, Flonet and Piper


ABB announces the release of an update for PEL's Fluid Flow Framework.

The PEL Suite's fluid flow programs, Flonet, for incompressible network flow; Adrian, for compressible network flow; and Piper, for two-phase fluid flow, all received a major facelift with the release of a new standardised Framework which has been part of a standard PEL installation since release 22. Click here for more information.

After PEL 23 was released, a number of fixes and improvements were made to the new versions of Adrian, Flonet and Piper and made available as an installable update or as a set of replacement files.

Some of the changes are outlined below.

    • Improvements to report generation, including
      • The "Generate Report" dialogue opens with all of the Contents items pre-selected (ticked) and the "Show report" option is ticked.
      • Clarify distiction between input estimates and calculated results.
      • When presenting the inlet conditions in the report, either the temperature of the mass vapour fraction should be shown but not both.
      • When presenting the inlet conditions in the report, only the flowrate/pressure combinations relevant to the selected calculation mode should be displayed.
      • Allow reports to handle multiple diagrams.
    • When tables of results are exported to Excel
      • Numerical values are no longer treated as text
      • Column headers are displayed.
    • Some warning and error messages have been made clearer.
    • The tables of results can be sorted by clicking on the column header (toggle between increasing and decreasing value).
    • Improved handling of tank pressure as a calculation specification.
    • Alert on diagram when specified control valve is more than 100% open.
    • Improved editing of pipes and fittings, including
      • K-Value calculator data is stored when pipe edited in table view.
      • When type a CV or KV for a control valve, the other is updated automatically.
      • Bug-fix: Pump/DP curve values now displayed with "Input value" precision so not rounded to "Output value" precision.
      • Bug-fix: can now specify pump curve with 10-19 points (could always specify 20+!!).
      • Bug-fix: changing name of fitting or pipe in table editor now updates drawing immediately.
      • Bug-fix: displayed values in tables rounded to input precision not output precision.
    • Bug-fix: very small flow specifications were being misinterpreted.
    • Bug-fix: fluid physical properties were not updated when edited.
    • Bug-fix: dotted line for controller was left behind when controller deleted.
    • Bug-fix: problems with import of model from flonet 2016.
    • The table of "Summary" results can be sorted by clicking on the column header (toggle between increasing and decreasing value).
    • Improved editing of fittings, including
      • The Orifice editor form has units of "mm" for "Orifice length" instead of "m".
      • K-Value calculator information stored for Orifice.
      • Numbering of fittings in table view for editing matches table of results.
      • Valves are checked that the degree of valve opening is between 0-1 and minimum flow area <= valve seat area.


An installer, "PEL - Fluid Flow Framework.msi", can be downloaded and run to automatically install the new Fluid Flow Framework files. This is only suitable for standalone PEL installations.

Alternatively, a zip file can be downloaded which contains the new files. These can be used to replace existing files in the "PEL\Apps\Framework" and "PEL\Apps\Framework\Plugin" folders of your PEL installation. This is suitable for both standalone and network installations of PEL.

N.B. Downloads of PEL 23 after 15 July 2021 include the new versions of these programs (1.2.0).

> Zip file containing MSI file to install patch


> Zip file containing replacement files



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