Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) and Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) Tool

Human failures are responsible for up to 80% of accidents, and feature in almost all major incidents. It is therefore important that companies do as much as they can to consider ‘human factors’, in order to prevent major accidents occurring.

PEL-HRA provides a software tool based on recognised qualitative methodologies to help you improve understanding of tasks and sources of human error. By following a series of defined steps aligned with the HSE ‘human factors roadmap’, the PEL-HRA software supports and documents the assessment of SCTs.

The Hierarchical Task Analysis (HTA) and Human Reliability Analysis (HRA) enable the team to determine the requirements of the task with regards to competence, tools and procedures and to review the feasibility of the task. The process identifies error - vulnerable and / or safety-critical steps within the task and to determine if it is realistic for a person to consistently perform the task successfully.

Key features include:

  • Manage site list of SCTs - customise prioritisation
  • All SCTs and HRAs contained in one tool - keeping track of progress
  • Criticality scoring of tasks -- Easy to update / review
  • Developed by experienced safety and HRA practitioners with understanding of COMAH requirements and all high-hazard operations
  • Recognised methodology


  • Demonstrate compliance with COMAH safety standards for the requirements of the safety report
  • Provides a structured approach which increases documentation consistency, reducing the risk of human error
  • Identification of error types allows each one to be mitigated appropriately improving performance
  • The software is auditable, strengthening internal control and highlighting areas of improvement
  • Easy to use functionality
  • The tool can be customised to suit your company standards allowing easy integration

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