New Flonet


We are delighted to release the next generation of Flonet
The name remains the same but everything else about it is new and improved.

Flonet will quickly and easily help you solve the problems you need it for, whether you are modelling a large site-wide distribution system or sizing a restrictor orifice in a pump spillback line.

The most obvious change is in the user-interface. It has all of the flexibility you need to draw and construct your models but no longer requires Visio.

Behind the scenes Flonet has a powerful new calculation engine to support a number of new capabilities.
Importantly, with its new “controllers”, Flonet now has the flexibility to help you size fittings within your model in order to achieve specified flow rates and pressures.

Here are some other features of the new Flonet:

  • Creating models is simpler:
    • An easy-to-use graph tool allows pump curves and other data to be captured.
    • Models can be made up of reusable “sub-networks”, allowing large networks to be developed in smaller sections and understood in detail.
    • A number of specific types of equipment are modelled:
      • Restriction orifices
      • Heat exchangers
      • Block valves
      • Non-return valves
      • Storage tanks
    • Flonet has a library facility to save and share curves, fluids and sub-networks

  • The presentation of results is greatly improved, making it easier to understand how your model is working:
    • Calculated results can be presented in a customisable table of results and exported to MS Excel
    • Calculated results and input data can be highlighted or displayed on the drawing
    • Alerts and warnings can be set up for calculated values

The new version of Flonet is now installed as part of PEL (Release 21) but if you are using an older release, we invite you to download it from our website here:

Installation instructions can be read here.

Flonet installs complete with a User Guide (also available here) and two 60 Second Guides (here and here), so you can get up and running with the new version of Flonet straightaway.

Please try the new version of Flonet, and most importantly, please do get in touch to let us know what you think of it. We value your feedback, and your input will mean we can continue to improve Flonet and the rest of the PEL Suite of software.


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