PEL Launcher


PEL Launcher

The new Launcher provides a single point from which you can access all of the PEL programs, tools and documentation. The PEL Launcher is installed by default in PEL 20 but can also be installed to work with earlier versions of PEL.

Quick Documentation Links

The PEL Launcher allows quick and easy access to the supporting documentation for all the PEL apps you have installed and licenced. The 60 Second Guide, User Guide and Reference Guides are all available by clicking the corresponding button. A video guide (web link required) is also available for selected applications.

Quick Application Links

Applications are easily launched using a single click in the PEL Launcher. Applications can be placed in a favourites group for even easier access.

Applications are organised in groups for easy access.

Full Configurable

Users can configure the PEL Launcher to suit their way of working. Launch apps by single or double mouse click.

Licence Manager

Access to the Licence Manager is built in to the PEL Launcher. The PEL Launcher is a single point of control.

The navigation button (shown above) provides simple navigation around the groups in the PEL Launcher.


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