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PEL PhysPack - for physical properties of mixtures

PhysPack is an easy-to-use database of physical properties, combined with a powerful calculation engine suitable for both expert and less experienced users. It simplifies chemical process design by enabling you to generate physical property data, investigate them, and then transfer them automatically to other PEL applications


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You can quickly and easily obtain a diverse range of information both numerically and graphically for pure components, aqueous solutions, or mixtures, for both single phase or multiphase equilibrium and across a full range of temperatures and pressures.

For pure compounds, simply select any one of the 1500 compounds on the PEL physical properties databank and PhysPack will instantly display the constant properties (critical temperature, dipole moment, etc.), together with the liquid, vapour, and solid properties over a range of temperatures and pressures. You can tailor the output to your own requirements by specifying different ranges and different units of dimension.

The same applies for aqueous solutions. Simply select the solution, enter the concentration, and PhysPack will display the results in the same format as for pure compounds above. Specify a range of concentrations and see the effect this has on different properties over a range of temperatures.

Mixtures are where the power of PhysPack really comes to the fore. Select the compounds and specify their composition in either mass or molar units - you can choose whichever you prefer and PhysPack will automatically generate the others. Next, you can either choose from over 50 state-of-the-art methods to model the vapour liquid equilibrium or you can let PhysPack choose the most appropriate one for you using the built-in wizard. Then it's on to the type of calculation you wish to perform. There are dozens to choose from - phase envelopes, binary plots, isothermal, isenthalpic, isentropic, isochoric flashes to name just a few. The results are displayed in an easy-to-read spreadsheet complete with quality assurance data for each point calculated and phase composition data for each of the components.

Finally, a graphics package provides powerful visual displays and there are links to Microsoft Excel for capturing the output.


PhysPack can be downloaded as part of the PEL suite available here.

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