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PEW - the Process Engineers' Workbench

PEW saves design time and costs by bringing together a collection of important and frequently used chemical engineering calculations. There are calculations for fluid flow, heat transfer, mixing, and vessel calibration.

All the calculations have been verified and documented with extensive online help. The interface is presented in a standardised, easy-to-use format and the results can be displayed in tables and graphs. Features include unit conversion & calculators for physical properties, MW, friction factors, pipe diameter, and pipe roughness.


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  • Heat transfer
    • Heat loss from pipes
    • Heat loss from vessels
    • Simple heat exchanger
    • Tank solar heating
    • Batch heating / cooling
    • Heat transfer coefficients
    • Finned tube coefficients
  • Mixing
    • Vortex profile
    • Power Numbers
    • Speed / Power curves
  • Fluid Flow
    • Incompressible flow
    • Compressible flow
    • Gravity flow
    • Manifold T-junctions
    • Symmetrical T-junctions
    • Expansions/contractions
    • Orifice plates
    • Restrictors
    • Two phase flow
  • Equipment
    • Vessel Calibration


PEW can be downloaded as part of the PEL suite available here.

60 Second Guide to PEW

User Guide to PEW

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