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The biggest change in PEL 23 is support for non-US/UK number formats, e.g. a comma instead of a point as the decimal separator.

There are also a few fixes and improvements to other programs in the PEL suite, some of which are described below.

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Non-US/UK Number Formats

This affects all of the programs, with the following limitations:

  • Flonet 2016 will not run on a PC where the decimal separator is not a point, but this is not a problem as it has been superseded by Flonet 2019 which can open Flonet 2016 files.
  • Support for non-US/UK number formats in ProvueDB is limited because databases might be shared by users in different countries:
    • ProvueDB will work with numbers in a user's local format, supporting e.g. units conversion and physical properties calculations, but some functionality (e.g. printing in different units from the screen display units) is disabled. Numbers with a different decimal separator than the user's local number format will be treated as strings.
    • In ProvueDB.NET numeric operations (e.g. units conversion) require numbers with decimal points but numbers with a different decimal separator can be used and will be treated as strings.


Graph Reader - Line Fitting

The PEL Graph Reader tool has always been a useful way to read points into e.g. Excel or Flonet from an image of a graph, but the latest version allows you to fit a polynomial to your data and will also generate an equation you can copy into Excel. It has also been fixed to better handle small values in logarithmic scales.



The program no longer crashes if its window is expanded on a very large monitor.


Flonet 2016 and 2019

These programs now support use of the " character in pipe names.


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